Old Friend, New Conversation

I was recently invited to appear on West End Dumplings: The Radio Edition to chat with fellow blogger, Christian Cassidy.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.https://middlecitybigheart.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/old-friend-new-conversation/

Christian is an old friend and the man behind West End Dumplings — declared Winnipeg’s Favourite Local Blog in this year’s Uniter 30.

Christian’s historical knowledge of the city – coupled with his passion for this place – is incredible.

In addition to the blog and the radio show, Christian is a regular contributor to the Winnipeg Free Press and holds community workshops teaching people how to research the history of their homes.  Want to get to know him better? Tune in to West End Dumplings: The Radio Edition every Sunday at 7 PM on 101.5 UMFM.

On last week’s show, Christian and I got to talking about re-conceptualizing downtown — an idea discussed in a recent Planetizen article that argues a great downtown isn’t one central location but a collection of unique urban neighborhoods well-connected by public transit.  We agreed this idea could (and does) work for a place like Winnipeg.

Keen to hear more?  You can listen to the podcast of the show here — or check out “Secret Weapon to Revitalize Downtown; New Group Sees Hope in Redefining Urban Core with Historic Neighborhoods” or “Experts Define Downtown, But Not Every Great Neighborhood Is a Business District“.

Old Friend, New Conversation

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